Albert Lea Veterinary Clinic,LLC

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Albert Lea, MN 56007-3737


Our Staff


Meet our Doctor-Dr. Daniel Smith:

Dr. Daniel Smith is a 1987 graduate of Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Ames, Iowa.  He has been practicing at the Albert Lea Veterinary Clinic since January of 1991.  He has lived and raised his family in the area since that time as well.  

Dr. Smith specializes in small animal surgery and internal medicine for small animals including birds and pocket pets.  He has also been training puppies for over 30 years and has graduated more than 2500 puppies from his weekly puppy behavior classes.  

Albert Lea Veterinary Clinic cats welcome you!

Meet our cat reception team, Guiness and Felix

Guiness is our 4 year old orange and white domestic long hair.  Born on St. Patrick's Day, he lives up to his name being just a little 'stout' and he's most certainly Irish.  Look at his hair!  Fortunately for him,he has eyes to match so he's as handsome as he is charming. 

Rescued from the Humane Society as a coughing kitten, Felix is our 12 year old black and white domestic long hair. His regal attitude compliments his luxurious whiskers which stand out against the tuxedo he wears every day .  He was named after the famous cartoon character Felix the Cat and he takes his job as a namesake seriously.

You can ask for them by name if they aren't already in the waiting room ready to greet you.  Offer them a pet or a pat before you leave.


Katie, Amber, Marie, & Amy ready to help at Albert Lea Vet Clinic

Our human reception team-Amber, Amy, Katie & Marie

Amber-Receptionist, veterinary assistant, & bookkeeper.  Her cat Myrn is a beautiful 9 y/o Bengal that loves hanging out in the backyard or in chicken coop with the chickens.  She also likes holding one-sided conversations which is NOT the same as a monologue, just sayin'.

Amy-Receptionist, bookkeeper,& Office Manager.  There are 3 cats running her home.  Oreo, a 13 y/o black & white Domestic short hair, Booker T Washington, a 13 y/0 black domestic short hair, and Narco, a 6 y/o Himalayan Ragdoll.  Their shared dream seems to be something along the lines of living off the grid in the great outdoors somewhere as each of them is savvy to helping them all 'escape' given the opportunity.

Katie-Receptionist & veterinary assistant.  Marie is her almost 1 year old black domestic short hair.   A want-to-be gardener, she enjoys sitting in her Mom's flower pots, as it makes it much easier to watch the plants grow.

Marie-Receptionist & veterinary assistant.  Her Weimaraners, Gus and Kate are always impatiently waiting for Mom to get home so they can play with her and take her for a walk.  They also enjoy chewing things like blinds and furniture, you know, just to keep themselves in shape should Mom ever need protecting.