Albert Lea Veterinary Clinic,LLC

401 Saint Thomas Avenue
Albert Lea, MN 56007-3737


We know that it can be difficult to choose the right veterinarian for your pets.  

Here are a few reasons why you should bring your pet in to visit us at Albert Lea Veterinary Clinic, LLC.

Dr. Smith Collage


 We are small and friendly

Since 1991 our clinic has been family owned and run.  Our goal is to give you a friendly, welcoming experience.  We really want you and your pets to feel comfortable, like you are part of the family here as well.

We take our time with each patient.

                      To be able to educate our pet owners, Dr. Smith takes time during the exams to make sure all questions and concerns are answered and that they any treatments that have been recommended are understood by the pet parents. We appreciate getting to know both you and your pets.



We're interested in educating you! 

There is SO MUCH information in our world today that it can be overwhelming.  We are here to assist you in sorting through that information as well as the misinformation.  We have a pet library on our website to help with general questions on behavior, health, etc.  Our doctor and staff are also willing to help you answer other questions you may have.  Dr. Smith also has a 'Pet Talk' radio program on Friday mornings that offers topics of interest to pet owners.  Check him out at 1450 AM-Friday mornings at 8:30. 

We offer puppy training classes! 

Dr. Smith has been teaching puppy classes for 8-16 week old puppies for almost 30 years.  More than 2500 puppies have graduated so far.  This is a great way to train your pet to LOVE coming in to visit us as well as an easy way to get a good start with your new furry friend.  Nothing like a good dose of socialization and positive reinforcement!